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A DNS server is a network resource used by all computers connected to the network. It functions as a bridge between the client computer and the servers that it uses for communication with the Internet. The server, in turn, translates the given domain name into an IP address. This process is called domain name resolution. There are different types of DNS servers. Each has its own set of features for controlling DNS requests.

A DNS server runs on software called DNS server software. This piece of software is installed on the computer of the user who will be using it to control DNS. There are two types of DNS server software - the ones that are built into the operating system and ones that have to be downloaded and enabled after installation.

DNS name servers also have the capability to provide security authentication services. They use various modes, such as Digestive authentication, Kerberos, or even biometrics to establish or authenticate the identity of the user. This feature is very useful for preventing hackers from impersonating another person or company.

In addition to security considerations, there are issues regarding the maintenance of the DNS records. Name servers must regularly be updated to ensure that the zone files are always correct. Updating the DNS database can be done manually or by using automated programs. Manual updating requires more time, as there are a lot of details required to be verified before the changes take effect. Automated programs, on the other hand, can be used in just a few minutes.

Some companies, like GeoCities, have their own name servers. They maintain several zones and provide Internet users with name searches based on the submitted name. Other companies use free nameservers at their domain name servers. These free nameservers are not as reliable as paid name servers. For instance, GeoCities does not update its name servers frequently.

Paid or commercial domain name servers are more reliable because they keep a backup of DNS data. The backup includes the zone maps, IP addresses, and DNS client information. A backup may be obtained from any reliable provider. If you go this route, you need to regularly check that the backups are still current. It is best to regularly back up your data so that you can quickly correct any problem situations.

Although it is best to have your own name server, GeoCities offers their own DNS server software. You can buy the software and set up your own domain name servers. This option is good if you have little technical knowledge and can handle it on your own. However, if you need more extensive technical support, you may need to hire a professional to help you set up your domain name servers.

There are other popular domain name servers available. For example, GoDaddy offers affordable domain name registration. Their customer service makes it easy for people to purchase domains and add them to their existing hosting accounts. As with GeoCities, GoDaddy offers nameservers that can be configured to suit your needs.

Namecheap is another good web hosting company. They offer several domain name servers that are flexible and easy to use. They also provide free domain name transfers if you change your contact information. However, their domain name registration system is not as robust as other options.

HostGator is an established web hosting company that offers great value for money. Their basic services allow you to create your own domain name, email account, sub-domain names, and a website. They also offer you the facility to manage your hosting with cPanel, which is a control panel that helps you keep track of your websites. cPanel is ideal for new users, as it makes it easy to set up multiple sites with one single command. In addition, HostGator offers a free domain name transfer service to their customers.

The three aforementioned options all offer their own advantages. However, each one also has its disadvantages. If you are new to online marketing or simply do not have the time to manually manage your domain name servers, you may find that choosing one of these hosting options would be best for you. The only way to know which would work best for you is to try them out and see which one works best for your needs. However, by carefully choosing which among these domain name servers you need, you will be able to quickly launch your online marketing campaign and gain the exposure you need in order to earn more money.

Your domain name should represent your business, so make sure you choose a name that reflects the type of business you have. Try to avoid popular domain names such as "store fronts", as they are likely to be blocked by domain name servers. Instead, register a domain name that reflects the nature of your business, and the products and services you provide. Also, when choosing your domain name servers, check to see if you can transfer your domain name if your hosting service ends down.
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