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Domain IP Address history since first detections. Only IP changes recorded.

If you are wondering about the difference between a domain name and IP address, here is some basic information about each. Domain names are,.net,.org,.gov, or private domain names owned by a person or company. An IP address is a series of numbers assigned to individual computers on the network. Domain names are unlisted but can be found in the search engines. There are free domain name registrars but they tend not to be very up to date.

A DNS server is authoritative, which means it always answers a request sent to it. This server is also commonly referred to as a nameserver. Nameservers provide this service for free and its main purpose is to find the requested domain name and other relevant information associated with it. The information it returns includes the names of servers, their IP addresses, zones, and other details needed for finding the domain and IP addresses requested.

Nameservers are also known as the root server and it is usually located on the internet itself. The reason a nameserver is referred to as the root server is because it is responsible for connecting to all the other nameservers on the internet. This is done by interpreting DNS requests and returning responses from the DNS servers. It is also responsible for translating the requested domain name to an IP address and then translates the IP address back to a domain name.

Some types of dns records are usually stored in nameservers while others are stored on the web server. When an IP address is requested, the nameservers check the IP address to see if it already exists. If it does, it returns to the client and asks it to provide an IP address. If it cannot find a matching domain name, it will return a DNS request for that name and forward it to the right DNS server. If it cannot send the requested name, it will ask the client again and this cycle goes on until the client agrees to give in to the DNS request or it receives a signal from another nameserver that the domain is not found.

The process of getting a domain name and IP address using a domain name lookup tool is quite simple and you do not need to have any technical knowledge to be able to do it. There is no need to go through any difficult procedures like registering it with a domain name registrar or web browser and such. All you need is to access a reliable nameserver that can perform the DNS lookup for you and provide you with all the relevant data.

In order to start performing the DNS lookup, you need to write a query that contains the domain name you want to lookup, a domain name to resolve it to and the IP address of the IP address. You can start by writing the domain name, followed by a colon and then the IP address, separated by comma. If you are using Windows, enter the IP address you are looking for into the field provided at the top of the window. The same process is followed if you are using the Mac operating system.

Once the above step has been completed, hit the search button and wait for the results. Once you get all the information related to the domain name, go through each one carefully. If there is more than one record, make sure you put the details together. The dns resolver will provide you with the information you need as to whether the domain is available or not.

Some of the domain lookups may not require any input from the client, while some will require you to provide inputs like the name, address etc. If you are required to provide inputs, you can use the built-in options of your web browser or you can use the recursion option of the tld resolver. The built-in option of the web browser will return a list of results which is based on the information provided by the user. You can get detailed information about any domain name, such as who owns it, how many times it has been registered, names of any other entities that may have registered the domain name and so on. Similarly, the recursion option of the tld resolver will return a list of names that are in its database.
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